• Swimming pools & spa

    Design, construction, installation and commissioning all types of swimming pools and Spas starting from excavation till the testing and commissioning.

  • Fountains & Water features

    Design, construction, installation and commissioning different shapes of fountains and water features with nice compilation of the science and the art.

  • Fish ponds

    Design and construction all sizes and types of fish ponds for different proposes domestic or commercial types with installation all needed biological treatment equipments which it is necessary for fish life.

  • Maintenance services

    The company operates a separate maintenance division that undertakes annual maintenance contracts for all types of swimming pools, fountains and fish ponds.

    We offer a full service which covers literally everything. Cleaning, chemical balancing pump and filter maintenance, and service checks on all equipment including auto cleaners, lighting and auto-chemical feeders.

    This service is available on any level of frequency that you wish, from weekly through to monthly and anything in between.

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